League Standings




Standings are kept by the Western Suburban Soccer League (WSSL) for league games.  Since, the younger age groups are considered 'developmental', standings are not tracked for these age groups.  The WSSL tracks the following:

Select teams:  

leagues U9 and older

Recreation teams:

leagues U11 and older


Division Standings and Champions

The following information has been compiled by the WSSL, copied from the WSSL website, then reformatted for the NSA web site.


Division Standings

Division Champions from Northville


Spring 2005

WSSL Girls Recreation

WSSL Boys Recreation

WSSL Girls Select

WSSL Boys Select


Fall 2002

WSSL Girls Recreation

WSSL Boys Recreation

WSSL Girls Recreation

WSSL Girls Select

Great Lakes Soccer League

Michigan State Premier Soccer League (MSPSL web site design prevented archiving)

Fall 2002 Northville Division Champions

Spring 2002

Western Suburban Soccer League

Great Lakes Soccer League


Fall 2001

Fall 2001 Standings

Fall 2001 Northville Division Champions

Spring 2001

Spring 2001 Standings

Spring 2001 Northville Division Champions

Fall 2000

Fall 2000 Standings

Fall 2000 Northville Division Champions

Spring 2000

Spring 2000 Standings

Spring 2000 Northville Division Champions