Health Related Issues



University of Michigan’s listing of Sport injuries and treatments



Men and Women Mend Differently



 Obesity epidemic (linking high fructose corn syrup – a must listen or read)

 The world’s healthiest foods – the best website I have seen on the subject.


Foods and your health. Article from Harvard Magazine  Download click here…


Fats in our diet.

Remove all trans fats or also known as hydrogenated oils. Ban trans Fats. Olive oil rather than butter in foods.


Omega-3 and Omega 6 oils.

Fish twice a week, pick the right one, is rich in this very important building block for brain and heart development.


American Academy of Pediatrics:

National Institutes of Health:


 Organic Foods Issues


Plastics: start to move to glass containers when ever possible. Never microwave a food in a plastic container. With the rise of pre-pared foods that are popped into the microwave, the heat and direct contact of the food to the plastic lets the chemicals leach into the food. 



Children related health issues

            Health Matters from Austrailia







  Over view of types of Stretching



       Dynamic Flexibility and Mobility (Stretching)


   International exercise guidelines for young people

   Sports related Injuries


   ACL and women USA today article


   Metatarsal Injuries BBC


   Ten top fitness mistakes beginner make..



Sun Screens and Sun Damage


   Zinc vs Titanium

   UVA and UVB



The bigger picture


                                                Keeping a perspective from the CDC


                Risks of everyday life..